• "In Lower California, marinas are exposed regularly to tropical storms"

    Tropical storm « Norbert », which started life last week in the Eastern Pacific, has gathered force in the last few hours. On the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, it should reach the Mexican area of Lower California (the La Paz area) on Friday evening, by which time it will certainly have grown in strength to category 3 (out of 5 categories), with gusts of wind reaching over 210 km/h, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

    Each component of the pontoons, as well as the Marina anchoring, must be absolutely perfect to resist extreme climatic conditions. Our Marina has already weathered several hurricanes, without any damage to the equipment supplied by Poralu. We are absolutely satisfi ed with their reliability.

    Andres Barrera Peralta Manager, Marina Escale Nautique
  • "An impeccable service,even for a private pontoon"

    When I contacted Poralu Marine to ask them for a quotation to install a private pontoon on the lake, I was worried about the viability of my project in such an isolated spot. They lost no time in proposing the right solution for my seaplane.

    I am probably a minor customer for this international group, but Poralu Marine’s team responded promptly and I will now award them a new project.

    Carlo Signorelli University Professor
  • "Pontoons designed to stand up to extreme conditions"

    When I met the manager of Poralu Marine, North America,what I liked was that he understood my concerns immediately.In Quebec, the range of temperature between winter and summer is immense. The pontoons are immersed in water (I should say in ice!) all through the winter!… The mechanical stresses are therefore extreme.

    In spring, when I opened the marina to the public, the pontoons,catwalks and bridges were in perfect condition. The marinawas ready to welcome users in less than a day of preparation. My logistic expenses have been optimised and my teams can concentrate on other tasks.

    Sylvain Deschamps Director, Montreal Yacht Club
  • "Everything here is designed for the comfort of the boat owners"

    This prestigious marina, originally created in 1952 by a group of pioneer sailors, was completely renovated in 2008 by Poralu Marine.
    A comprehensive study was undertaken for the new development incorporating innovative high-level design and engineering. A seamless process from the initial dismantling of the old structures to the installation of new fl oating structures saw minimal disruption to the Club and its members.Aesthetics, the design of the gangways and the versatility of the Poralu system have all been put to use to create a marina offering exceptional services with particular attention to detail and the needs and wants of berth holders. The design of the marina allows Members to use golf buggies to supply equipment and provision to their boats with ease.
    In addition, as essential part of the design incorporated access for the Club’s Sailing program for people with disabilities. With wonderful views, each Pen has access to wireless internet and comes complete with a serviced terminal that includes electrical outlets and freshwater.
    Stewart Walton General Manager Royal Perth Yacht Club
  • "Departure pontoons, access bridges, all equipment compliant with the FISA standards"

    The IOC entrusted the organization of the Youth Olympic Games to Singapore where they were held between 14th and 26th August 2010. 3,200 athletes aged between 14 and 18 years from all over the world took part. In the rowing program, skiff, pairs, quads, uncoxed pairs, uncoxed quads and coxed eights were represented.
    Poralu Marine was engaged very early on in rowing competitions as an official supplier, starting in 1990, in 1997 with the Junior World Championships at Aiguebelette (France), in 2001 with the World Championships at Lucerne (Switzerland), in 2006 with the World Championships in the UK.
    Poralu Marine has always shared the same values as high level sport: performance, team spirit and global challenge have created a genuine «Poralu Spirit».

    Gérard Bichet Technical Advisor, Rowing
  • "A fishing pontoon developed specially for the professionals"

    The fishing port of Saint-Cast is home to about twenty traditional fishing vessels. Their main catch is scallops, but it includes various other species, such as whelks, clams and assorted types of fish.

    The pontoons are matched to the tidal coefficients and are subject to heavy stress in everyday use. They are very easy to clean and for all practical purposes are now part of our working equipment! Major works have been carried out in the harbour in order to install a fi shing pontoon as part of the port’s redevelopment. Poralu Marine has worked side by side with us from the very beginning of the design phase, at the same time taking account of the strength and solidity constraints for the materials associated with their daily use.

    Pierrick Carfantan Port Agent, St Cast
  • "An innovative installation producing renewable energy, designed and built with the specialists in floating structures"

    The Canoe Brook solar energy power plant has been in operation since summer 2011, and the energy produced there is set to power a New Jersey water treatment plant. The objective of this floating solar system when fully set up and in operation is thus to generate 136,000 kWh of energy each year. To make this happen, a partnership has been established between Eneractive Solutions (energy solutions), Seaflex (anchorage) and Poralu Marine (floating platforms). Through its Canadian subsidiary, Poralu Marine, a manufacturer of equipment for nautical infrastructures, was able to provide comprehensive solutions to the project’s many constraints: budget, stability, longevity, resistance to ice and reduced maintenance. Solar energy is central to my reflections about the future of our environment. I have confidence in the quality of Poralu Marine’s R&D services to continue innovating and providing new processes.

    David S. Klockner Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Eneractive Solutions